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    are bengal cats hypoallergenic

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    Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic??


    The Question often asked, “Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic”? , is one of the more controversial topics on the Internet. Let’s start with the basics to discuss this topic.


    The word hypoallergenic is an adjective that, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, means: having little likelihood of causing an allergic response. By this definition, Bengal Cats are Hypoallergenic and are less likely to cause someone with a cat allergy to react. This does not mean that they have no allergens.


    Bengals still produce the protein Fel d 1. This protein is in their dead skin cells,saliva, and urine. It can still cause someone with a strong allergy to react. However, Bengals produce less dander and as a result, someone who only reacts mildly to normal housecats, may not react at all.


    The best way to find out if you are going to react is to go to someone’s house that has a Bengal. Whether a friend or a breeder you are interested in possibly getting a Bengal kitten from.. Spend some time around them to make sure.


    A responsible Bengal breeder won’t push to sell you a cat if they know you have an allergy. There is no way to know without exposure whether you will react or not.


    Bengal cats still have fur, how can they be hypoallergenic?


    Because Bengals are bred from the Asian Leopard Cat, their fur has different qualities than a house cat. Bengals only have one layer of fur rather than two. That one layer also tends to have shorter hair shafts.


    Some normal domestic “short” hair cats have a topcoat that is two inches long! Compared to a Bengal with only one coat which is also shorter, that is at least twice as much hair to shed. This makes your Bengal cat feel softer and look sleeker.


    The rumor that Bengals are softer than other house cats is actually a fact! It also leads to less grooming and less dander spreading around your house. Therefore, fewer allergens for someone with an allergy to react too.


    Owning a Bengal Cat if you have allergies.


    There are a few things you can do to make a Bengal cat the right fit for your house. The first is to feed your cat a species-appropriate diet that is rich in Omega 3. Just like humans, what a cat eats affects its skin and hair. By making sure you feed the right diet, your Bengal cat should shed less saliva-covered hair and dander.


    Next, groom them yourself periodically. Every couple of weeks, use a brush to pull out any hair that may already be coming out. This way you can dispose of it, rather than letting it come out and fly around your house. In addition to grooming, here are more tips on How to Take Care of Bengal cats.


    Another important way to decrease any allergens your Bengal cat may fling around is cleaning! Wipe down surfaces regularly so that a lot of allergens don’t sit around your house. Besides, it’s something you have to do anyway right?!


    Finally, keep the litter box clean! There are several litter boxes that make it easier for someone who may have a mild allergy to cats to not be in contact with their litter as much. The two litter boxes that I use are very handy for less scooping!


    The first is a litter robot. The litter robot automatically cycles after your Bengal uses it. All you have to do is empty the tray every day or so.


    The other litter box I have used with great success is the “Tidy Cats Breeze Pellet System” . The urine drains down to a pee pad that you change periodically. All you have to do is scoop the poop!


    Bengal Cats Produce Allergens


    Ultimately, Bengal Cats still produce allergens. They are hypoallergenic in the sense that they do produce less! Many people still react to them.If you want to get a Bengal cat but have an allergic family member, or are allergic yourself, I HIGHLY recommend finding a Bengal to test whether you react!


    If you’re interested in adding a Bengal kitten to your home, we’re happy to discuss more about Bengal cats and hypoallergenic topics.

    Allergenic Bengal Kitten

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