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    Bengal Cat Behavior

    Bengal Cat Behavior, The Intriguing Truth!

    Get a Bengal”, they said. “They are gorgeous”, they said. No one ever mentioned that your Bengal Cat would be chowing down on your pork chop, which she swiped directly off your plate right under your nose. While running through your house to stay ahead of you with her hard-earned treat. At the same time she is growling to warn the other “ravenous” animals (whom you feed three times a day) away. 

    Next thing you know you are cleaning up pork juice and cat vomit from all corners of the house and thinking to yourself… How did I get to this point in my pet journey?!?

    We’ve all heard the stories that people tell about Bengal Cat behavior. “They are too wild to keep as a pet”, “one time my friend’s cousin twice removed, had a Bengal that destroyed their house”, and “Bengal cats pee everywhere, they are untrainable”. These are just a few of the complaints that get thrown around when talking about Bengal cat Behavior. 

    But what is the truth behind the stories? How do you determine whether Bengals make good pets or not, if you have never been around one before? At Buckaroo Bengals, we commit to sharing real stories and expert information on Bengal cat behavior. Let’s dive right in.

    Bengal Cat Behavior
    Felix helping make the bed

    The Rumor of Bengal Cat Behavior

    Are you still thinking about the pork scenario that I mentioned above? This is an exact retelling of an incident that happened in my home. Me, the Bengal Cat Breeder. You would think I would know Bengal cat behavior well enough to stop these incidents in my own home! This was just one of the experiences I had in the early days that taught me I had much to learn if I was going to continue my breeding journey and responsibly adopt my Bengal Kittens. 

    Owning a Bengal comes with a steep learning curve. You must be ready for the journey you will be taking when you commit to it. Bengals CAN be a lot to handle, don’t let anyone tell you the opposite. If they do, they are just looking for a sale, rather than to help you find the perfect companion to your lifestyle. However, mindset is everything… Knowing the facts and having the right mindset going into your Bengal Cat journey can make all the difference in success and failure with your new furry friend.

    You are experienced with Cats, Bengal Cat Behavior will not affect you significantly

    We’ve all been there, we feel we know a subject and have been around the block enough that we don’t need help. Or we don’t need to follow the advice that is laid before us. We’ve had cats before, owning a kitten can’t be much different. Or if we’ve had a kitten before, owning a Bengal kitten will be the same. It is easy to fall into the trap of believing we are experts in something when a true expert knows that there is always more to learn about a subject. It is necessary to take the mindset of constant learning, and apply it to owning a Bengal!!

    If you can commit to problem-solving and learning from your Bengal cat’s behavior, you can do great! They will always be trying to tell you something with their behavior, it is your job to translate it into a change in YOUR behavior.

    Brown Bengal for sale
    Felix the Bengal Cat

    The Reality of Bengal Cat Behavior

    Bengals are a hybridized breed coming from a cross between a house cat and the Asian Leopard Cat. They are a lot closer to their wild ancestors than most house cats are and the earlier the generation, the more wild tendencies they can be prone to. This means they have a stronger hunt drive and a stronger survival drive. Cats in the wild hunt, eat, and sleep, they are constantly stimulated by their lifestyle and surroundings. This is why Bengal Cats tend to be “busier” than normal house cats. It can also lead to some of the behavior problems mentioned above.

    You have heard them described as “doglike” or “never losing their kitten personality”. This is in large part because they are used to, and need perpetual stimulation. This affects their play, eating habits, and resting habits. When a Bengal cat isn’t stimulated enough in their environment, it leads to problems. 

    How to Provide a Great Space to Harness Bengal Cat Behavior Positively

    As a responsible breeder, I try to make sure my kittens go to households where you are home a lot. I love it when there are kids who I know will play with them and expend a lot of their energy. Harness training and taking Bengals for walks can be so beneficial for their natural curiosity and drive for exploring their surroundings. In the wild, cats have a large territory, so harness training can stimulate that. Cat wheels1 can give them a great outlet for their energy. This can affect your Bengal Cat Behavior positively.

    Bengal Cats often bond with their humans very strongly, so make sure that you have a lot of toys for them that incorporate you into their play. It is not unusual for them to follow you around the house like a dog. They like to be included in your activities.

    You may also find that they respond to training very well when done properly. Last but not least, never underestimate the power of a proper feeding routine. The right routine can revolutionize your Bengal Cat behavior and create a better relationship between the two of you.

    The Perfect Household for Bengal Cat Behavior

    While you will always find exceptions to the “rule”, it is safe to say that most Bengal Cats are going to have what you may consider to be, “a stronger personality” than your normal adult domestic housecat. Despite the heading above, there is no perfect household for any animal. Just like there is no perfect family, no perfect human, no perfect marriage, the list could go on forever! What there is, is a willingness to work at a successful relationship with your Bengal.

    When you bring your Bengal Cat home your ability to adapt your lifestyle and space to their needs is key to your success as a Bengal Cat owner. This does not mean putting up with destructive or negative behavior, it means being an active participant in figuring out how to positively change it. If you learn nothing else from this article, remember that they are animals, they won’t adapt to your lifestyle, it is on you to adapt to theirs.

    I fully believe that commitment to a Bengal Cat can create one of the best human-animal bonds that are out there. They can bring fun, hilarity, challenge, connection, and love into a household. The question is, are you willing to adapt your lifestyle to meet their personality and instincts where they are? If so, you may find that you have the perfect little buddy that you never knew you needed. 

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