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    Bengal Kittens for Adoption

    Bettering the Bengal Breed

    As a responsible Cat Breeder, we carefully screen potential owners to make sure they understand exactly what is required when it comes to taking care of our Bengals. We do currently have a litter of Kittens searching for their forever homes. To find out more, reserve a particular Bengal Kitten or get on our waitlist for our next planned litter, please get in touch

    bengal kittens for adoption
    Brown Rosetted Bengal

    Our Adoption Process

    Our goal at Buckaroo Bengals is to breed cats with good health, type, and personality, so they have the best chance of success in your house and have a forever home that they never leave. To achieve this goal, we spend quite a bit of time getting to know our Bengal Kitten Adopters.

    • Do you have other pets?
    • Have you ever owned a cat?
    • Have you ever owned a Kitten?
    • Have you ever been around a Bengal?
    • Do you have a preferred kitten gender or color/pattern?
    • Do you have children?
    • Etc…

    We ask these questions, not to be intrusive, but so we know what kitten temperament will best fit into your household. We also want to be able to provide as much help as possible, to ensure a happy and healthy transition from our home to yours for ALL parties involved… our kitten, your family, and any other pets you may have already.

    The first step is to reach out to us:

    • With any questions you may have about our Bengals or our cattery practices
    • To express interest in a kitten that we currently have available
    • To ask to be added to our exclusive, small waitlist for a future Bengal kitten
    • Or simply to tell us how beautiful our Bengals are 😉

    From there, we will determine if our cattery is a good fit for you. As well as if you are a good fit for one of our Bengal kittens. Once you have decided that you would like to adopt one of our kittens and have chosen the kitten you are most drawn to, we will send you a kitten contract that outlines our responsibilities as the breeder and your responsibilities as the adopter.

    Next we require a deposit placed on the kitten to hold them until they are old enough to leave our house and come to your home (they will be 13-14 weeks when they go to your house). A week before your kitten is picked up/delivered, the balance is due.

    Lastly, we determine how your kitten is going to get to you. This depends on how far away from our cattery you are; we have lots of transportation options!

    newborn bengal kittens

    When Your Bengal kitten Comes Home

    We send our kittens to you with all sorts of goodies and information about transitioning to your home. At this point, if you have any questions about your kitten, we ask that you reach out to us. We care deeply about each and every kitten we raise here. We are invested and committed to helping them succeed in your home for their lifetime!