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    Bengal Kittens for Sale in Colorado


    Our Bengal kittens for sale are far more than a business to us – they’re family. We breed responsibly and pay special attention to minimizing the known hereditary diseases by having all our parent animals health tested by a certified vet as a health testing cattery.  Every one of our kittens get lots of love and are ready to join your home and be your best friend.

    Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten – Sold


    Born 8/05/2023, this little girl Bengal Kitten has gorgeous Brown Rosettes.She is more reserved than some of her siblings but still has the feisty Bengal personality. She has a lot of time to grow, develop, and change. Her eyes are open. I can’t wait to see how her pattern opens up. I can already see multiple colors.

    Silver Marble Bengal Kitten – Sold


    Born 8/05/2023, this little boy is so adorable. He has the typical soft marble bengal fur and will be one of our softer kittens as he grows up. Marble Bengals start with closed patterns and they gradually open up as they grow. He will be stunning and has great contrast between his light and dark colors.

    Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten – Sold


    Born 8/05/2023, this little girl is so adorable! She has a great horizontal pattern. This little bengal kitten has a personality and isn’t afraid to speak up. She is no doubt the leader of the pack for now and will be stunning as she continues to grow.

    Silver Marble Bengal Kitten – Sold


    Born 8/05/2023, this little girl is boy was the runt of the litter. But has steadily gained weight as quickly as his siblings. As you can see, mama cat has a favorite 😉 and it’s him! This little guy has a great pattern already and it will only continue to get better.

    Brown Rosetted Bengal Kitten – Sold


    Born 8/05/2023, this little girl is a sweetheart! So far she is pretty quiet. But there is plenty of time for her to find her voice. She has a great horizontal pattern and will be a beauty when she grows up. I’m not supposed to pick favorites, buuuut she might be it.

    Snow Bengal Cat
    Mama Bengal Lena

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    The Bengal breed has so many different features to it that every Bengal cattery will have it’s own unique set of goals. Breeding a wild cat with a house cat can have many outcomes and every breeder has a favorite feature that they really want to shine through in their cats. 

    Currently we breed the following: Brown-spotted Bengals, Silver-spotted Bengals, Melanistic Bengals, Brown Marbled Bengals, and Silver Marbled Bengals.

    All of our Bengals are highly “glittered” this means their hair shafts are genetically different from normal cats so that they shine in the sun. In the future, we hope to add Charcoal Bengals, Silver Charcoal Bengals, and Snow Bengals to our breeding program.

    Aside from color, we breed quality Bengals that have the wild cat look to them. One of the reasons that Bengals were created as a breed was to give people a piece of the wild in their homes. What better goal to have than to try and emphasize the wild features of the Asian Leopard Cat in the Bengal Hybrid we produce? 

    The long slender body, the longer back legs than front legs, the smaller head size and ear size, the whisker pads, and of course the spotted pattern that you can’t find in any other house cat or recognized hybrid! 

    It is with this goal in mind that we select all of our breeding cats so we can bring a piece of the wild into your home. 

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    Bengal Queen
    Lena with her Newborn Bengal Kittens


    Each of our newborn Bengal cats for sale are hand raised in our home, well socialized, get nails clipped at least once a week to get them used to it, receive both one on one attention as well as attention as a whole litter, and exposure to dogs and other cats. Once you decide which Bengal kitten you want, we keep you up to date by sending photos and videos so that you know what your Bengal kitten is doing.

    • We offer a two year health guarantee, we fully health test all of our Breeding Bengal cats so that we know your Kitten is genetically healthy.
    • We believe in taking our kittens to a licensed veterinarian to receive their shots and worming and to get a health check before they arrive at your home, we do not cut costs on this by giving our own shots. You will receive a copy of their vet records. They will have received two sets of vaccines by the time they go home to you at or after 12 weeks of age.
    • Your Bengal kitten will be spayed/neutered before going to your home, saving you the hassle of another appointment.
    • Your kitten will come with free thirty days of pet health insurance from Trupanion. 
    • Registration Papers for TICA (The International Cat Association)
    •  Lifetime support from the breeder (me).
    • A harness and leash set will come with them so that you can continue their harness training that they began at 7 wks of age if you want.
    • A bag of goodies that includes all of their current favorite toys to get you started with playtime at your house.
    • A small supply of the food they were weaned onto so that you can either transition them safely to the food you prefer for them, or to get you started with their current diet.
    • Delivery or pickup to suit your needs and schedule.

    *Delivery is offered at a rate of $1.50 per loaded mile if you are within an 8-hour radius of our outstanding Cattery, Delivery by flight depends on cost of flights at the time of booking.

    How Much Do Bengal Kittens Cost?

    Bengal Kittens at Buckaroo Bengals cost between $1800 - $2500