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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have a page devoted to our Adoption Process. If you are very interested in adopting a Bengal Kitten from us, we highly recommend getting on our exclusive waiting list, as we often sell all our kittens to the list before they become available to the general public. Fill out the Contact Buckaroo Bengals form above to get in touch.

    Bengal Cats are a cross between the small Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) and the domestic house cat. As hybrids who receive genes from both small cats, they tend to stay fairly small. 8-15 lbs is normal with Females being smaller than males.

    We currently aren’t retiring any of our adult bengals. Some of our breeding cats we will keep, some will go to friends and family. When we do adopt them out, we will list them on our home page and our available kittens page. These cats mean so much to us, so we are very picky about where we re-home them. They are part of our family, and while we can’t keep every one of them, we will make sure that their future family is the very best fit!

    Currently because we are so small, our female cat lives in the house. Our male cat lives in a temperature controlled building as he sprays to mark his territory. We have plans to expand slightly in the future, however, and due to the size of our house, we plan to create another catio building for some females. We already have an outdoor catio that we use and love. They will all rotate in and out of the house so we get time with all of them. And all of our kittens will be raised in our home and underfoot so that we can socialize them appropriately prior to going to your home.

    Sometimes we do breed our Queens right after their kittens have been weaned. Birth control for cats has been proven to relate to health problems down the road so that is not an option. If you let your female bengal cat go through lots of heat cycles without breeding them, they can be at risk for a condition called Pyometra (also common in non-fixed dogs). This means that bacteria enters into the uterus. This can result in an emergency spay or worse. We do use melatonin to try and delay cycles. And we do skip as many cycles as we feel we can without risking our females health.

    In order to keep a stud cat happy, it is recommended that you have at least 2-3 female cats for them. Our current stud would really like another female, so we are going to oblige him. We are currently only looking to add one more female, so we should have 2-4 litters per year. 

    This depends entirely on each cat. If a queen is a very good Mom, loves having babies, and is staying in good health, they may continue to produce kittens till they are 4-5 before being spayed and re-homed. If the queen is uninterested in her kittens, or is having trouble keeping weight on with the demands of birthing and nursing, they may be retired after one litter. The Stud cats have a lot less rigorous job and can continue breeding as long as they are genetically healthy and producing quality Bengal kittens. They may be retired early if I decide to keep several females and need to switch males so I am not inbreeding.

    My current queen loves being a Mama! She takes very good care of her babies and is very attentive. She also likes being pregnant, spending most of her days asking for human affection and napping in the 65 days of gestation. When she is in heat, she is very stressed. So going through multiple heat cycles without breeding is stressful. Ultimately, if she didn’t like having babies, I wouldn’t breed her. King, my current stud, will like his life a lot more when we get him another female!

    Occasionally we will sell kittens with breeding rights. Because our reputation is on the line, we are very careful about who we sell breeding rights to. We require that you are either a long standing breeder with several years experience, or that you have a mentor. We do not offer mentorship at this time. It is a time consuming undertaking. And because we have experienced lots of good fortune with our program and not had to deal with a lot of unexpected health issues, we don’t feel we are ideally placed for this role.

    All of our kittens are currently priced between $1850- $2500. If we sell with breeding rights an extra $1000 to $1500 will be added to the price.

    This question has a complicated answer. Yes they are. “Hypo” means less. Please refer to our Bengal Blog to make sure you understand completely what we mean by this.

    All of our Bengals receive extensive genetic health testing through Wisdom panel. They test clear for 45+ genetic conditions prior to breeding including PK-def and Pra-b. They also get screened for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy by a board certified cardiologist every 18-24 months.

    All of our Kittens come with a two year genetic health guarantee. Feel free to ask for a copy of our kitten contract to learn more about it.